If you fancy staying in Alicante for free, why not join the global Couchsurfing community where 14 million members in over 200,000 towns and cities worldwide are brought together through a shared love of travel and adventure. Started in 2004, the concept enables travellers to stay for free in practically every country in the world, where learning about different cultures and lifestyles is a rewarding experience that can be achieved on a shoestring budget.

How Couchsurfing Works

The Basics – Once registered, the concept of Couchsurfing is relatively simple whereby you add to your profile whether you are a willing host, looking for a host, or both. Being a host doesn't mean you need to spend every moment with your guest, cook them meals and generally act like a hotel concierge; it is simply stating you possibly have a room, bed or even just a couch where a fellow member who is visiting or travelling through your hometown can spend a night or two without charge. The exact same applies when looking for a host; don't expect too much, respect their house rules or culture, help out with chores, and maybe leave a thank you gift.

Getting Started – Firstly you need to create a Couchsurfing profile about yourself in order for other members to contact you, and see if you share any common likes, dislikes, habits, hobbies etc. The more ‘honest' information, photos or videos you add, the better chance you have to relate to fellow members who may offer you accommodation or invite you to an event.

When Travelling – Always remember, no matter how well you seem to get on with a fellow member when communicating over the internet, there is always the possibility that, upon meeting as a host or hosting, you just don't get on or the accommodation you were expecting is not suitable to you. So make sure wherever it is you are travelling in the world, you have a backup plan and enough cash to see you through until you make a new plan.

Getting Involved – Couchsurfers the world over organise regular events and get-together's so a good way to immerse yourself into the couchsurfing community is to get involved. This is easily done by going to your city's ‘place page' and checking out the events being held near you. The same applies when you have plans to travel; just search for the city or cities you wish to visit and contact members there that are available as a host. Also, if you are not able to host a fellow member, but would like to get together during their time in your city and maybe show them around, just add this information to your status under ‘couch information'.. Simples 🙂

Camping Costa Blanca

Visitors to Alicante who prefer to spend nights under the stars in a countryside setting, will find Camping Costa Blanca in nearby El Campello an excellent accommodation choice. Always a favourite with the young ones, staying within the secure grounds