Italian Restaurants

Surprisingly for the size of the city, there are not that many Italian restaurants in Alicante. Of course, this may be due to the fact that Alicante is the holiday choice for a large amount of Spanish visitors, many of them owning holiday apartments in the city. Whatever the reason, by and large the Italian restaurants in Alicante are top quality and the Italian's passion for good food and friendly, relaxed service makes them a popular choice that all the family will enjoy.

Peccati Di Gola – Arguably the best Italian restaurant in the city, Peccati Di Gola insist on using only the freshest homemade pasta in their dishes which diners can enjoy with a serving of wonderful homemade bread. From simple vegetarian choices such as pesto & parmesan pasta to indulgent spaghetti with lobster, all dishes are well presented with seafood featuring highly on the menu. There is also a variety of delicious pizzas and they have a quirky ‘grappa corner' where diners can try a selection of this often fiery Italian spirit. With charming rustic decor and a pleasant outdoor terrace, the restaurant is centrally located on Calle San Fransisco 10.

Sale & Pepe Castaños – With a modern facade and large picture windows, great for watching the world go by, Sale & Pepe are popular for their fresh crispy salads and tasty pizzas and food prices on the whole are reasonable, although at nearly 4€ a pint of beer is on the steep side. Located in the centre of the city on Carrer Castaños.

Restaurante La Tagliatella – Also located on Carrer Castaños, the signature tagliatelle dishes are sublime, and a good indication of an authentic Italian restaurant is a palatable house red wine and rustic misshaped pizza bases, both found here. Some of the pizzas have the option of choosing half and half toppings and the folded calzones are huge. The restaurant has friendly staff, stylish decor and is kept spotlessly clean.

Restarante Pizzería Caruso – Centrally located on Av. Benito Perez Galdos and not far from the Castle of Saint Ferran, it's not just about the pizzas here as their superb menu includes some interesting dishes such as grilled octopus tentacles (more of a Greek dish) and surprisingly good steaks. Cheese and pate platters are good as is the cheese fondue, and for a sweet tooth they do delicious desserts including the obligatory tiramisu and flans topped with fresh fruit.

Indian Restaurants

British holidaymakers will be pleased to know there are a good number of Indian restaurants in Alicante. Yes, the British certainly do like a good old ‘Ruby Murray' and outside of India, Britain arguably has the best curry houses in the world.