Carmen Del Campillo Tea House

Such is the enchanting beauty of Carmen Del Campillo Tea House, whilst walking through its secret gardens you could almost imagine visitors arriving on a magic carpet 🙂 Situated just 30 minutes drive south from Alicante near the town of Crevillente, the tea house invites visitors to forget the hustle and bustle of the city for a while and take some time to kick back and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that seems to flow through its spectacular gardens and Arabic style courtyards and buildings. Indeed, the owners of the villa regard it as not just a tea house, but a special place of spirituality and meditation that will hopefully bring a feeling of well being to all that enter its gates.

Carmen Del Campillo Tea House

Open well into the night and sometimes until the early hours of the morning, the tea house is a pleasure to visit both day and night, and even in the colder months when there's a chill in the air visitors can still enjoy the garden seating areas wrapped in blankets, thoughtfully provided by the owners. The flower scented gardens are shrouded in exotic plants and bougainvillea with hidden nooks and terraces strewn with Arabic rugs and cushions, all prettily lit at night.

Casa Morisca

The inviting flow of the garden continues throughout the villa with outdoor courtyards leading to inner courtyards, terraces and balconies all offering a variety of comfortable seating areas, so visitors can choose the privacy of their own secluded alcove or take refreshments in one of the beautifully decorated rooms, lounges or dining room. Fantastic pottery and glassware, lamps, antiques, paintings and murals are tastefully arranged throughout the villa and make a great topic of conversation for any collector or antique dealer.

Wedding Bells

Wherever you choose to relax at Carmen Del Campillo Tea House, just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and a member of staff will soon come along to let you know what's on the menu. Depending on the chef's delights of the day, menus change regularly but usually feature a selection of teas, coffees, milkshakes, sweets, cakes and pastries. With such an enchanting setting it's not uncommon for a couple to visit Carmen Del Campillo Tea House to enjoy some refreshments, and at a later date decide to use it as their wedding venue.


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