However long you wish spend in Alicante, be it just a day trip or a month's holiday, there are entertainment venues throughout the city and surrounding areas that offer something for everyone. Visitors on a tight budget can make their own entertainment such as a picnic on the beach or in one of the pretty parks, followed by a relaxing stroll along the beautiful beachfront promenade where you can browse the arts & crafts stalls and enjoy the street musicians. The city centre and old town are home to hundreds of traditional tapas bars where a tasty snack is often included in the price of your drink, and for those with a limitless budget there are classy music bars, glitzy nightclubs and the large Casino Mediterráneo located in the marina.

Entertainment In Alicante

Alicante Bars – Some of the best entertainment in the city can be found in the numerous bars where, in the case of tapas bars, visitors can go to just for a drink and snack. Music bars can be visited both day and night and offer all sorts of fun entertainment, from karaoke that all the family can enjoy, stand up comedy acts, DJ sets, and of course a variety of live bands and solo artists. British and Irish bars are very popular in the summer months where visitors can enjoy a selection of ales, Guinness, cider and a variety of hearty home cooked meals accompanied by their favourite sports on the big screen and fun card games, bingo, competitions and draws.

Alicante Restaurants – Some people like to stick to what they know when it comes to eating out on holiday and, as I've mentioned above, a great range of British and Irish fare is offered in the bars. Spanish restaurants, as opposed to tapas bars serve delicious Mediterranean dishes, often as part of a set daily or evening menu and also the chance to try famous paella dishes, at times accompanied by local entertainment such as flamenco dancing and guitar. Visitors will also find Indian, Chinese, French and north African restaurants, as well as popular takeaways.

Film & Theatre – Most adults and children alike enjoy a good movie, cabaret act or theatre performance, and the city doesn't disappoint. The majority of cinema complexes are located in the larger shopping centres and are modern affairs with great audio & visual systems and multi screens. There are also two theatre halls in the city that show a range of performances, cabaret acts, comedy shows, opera, musicals, poetry recitals and other cultural entertainment.

Shopping Complexes – Most guys don't find shopping to be entertainment, but girls on the other hand seem to love it and can easily spend a whole morning or afternoon browsing shops and boutiques in the city's shopping complexes which, aside from a great choice of local shops, also have a selection of well known international high street brands. It's not just about going out to do a bit of shopping though as the larger shopping complexes offer entertainment in a variety of venues such as bars, restaurants, cinemas, 10 pin bowling and kids play areas.

Alicante Nightclubs – Night owls and those that like to kick up their heels will find a selection of nightclubs located in the city centre and surrounding areas. These include wonderful beach bars such as Isla Marina that boasts a swimming pool and poolside restaurant and rocks both day and night to the tune of guest and resident DJ's, live bands and solo artists. The larger nightclubs with several bars and dance halls are popular with the young local crowds but do feature international DJ's during the summer months who bring in the tourist crowds too. Adult clubs can range from small, rather dingy establishments with a few pole or podium dancers to huge luxurious establishments where their customers every whim is taken care of.