Penelope Beach Club

Visitors who like to party hard during their Alicante holiday should not miss a day or night in the vibrant city of Benidorm where you will find the famous Penelope Beach Club. Benidorm is less than 40 minutes drive and can also be reached by regular local buses or tram. The city's legendary Levante Beach Promenade rocks both day and night with lively venues such as Penelope Beach Club attracting party people of all ages. A walk along the promenade is a great way for newbies to Benidorm to get a feel for the vibe of the city and can easily turn into a pub crawl where a good time is guaranteed.

Too hot to walk, get a group of friends together and try the unique Benidorm Beer Bike that is literally a bar on wheels that can take up to 18 people, and has pedals beneath the bar stools so all passengers can help power the crazy contraption whilst enjoying a few pints!

Penelope Beach Club

Located close to the old town end of Levante promenade and overlooking the sea, Penelope Beach Club has been going for decades and, together with its big sister Discoteca Penelope, has a faithful following of trendy young clubbers. Having said that, on quieter weekdays it's not uncommon to see elderly customers enjoying coffee & crepes on the club's terrace. Weekends, and especially when the club throws one of its beach or theme parties, Penelope's is certainly not the place for coffee & crepes, with the crowds spilling out onto the promenade, scantily clad revellers downing shots and cocktails, and podium dancers keeping the clubbers happy.

It's not just the paid dancers on the podiums though, Penelope's have cleverly installed sturdy tables and stools on either side of the entrance and around the pillars on the dance floor so the party crowd can get up there and strut their stuff too, and believe me they do. The long bar counters running down each side of the dance floor see their fair share of ‘Coyote Ugly' impersonators and it's credit to the amazing bar staff who keep the drinks flowing. At the rear of the dance floor is the DJ booth boasting the latest audio & visual systems and there is an upper, more chilled out level to sit back and listen to the superb resident and guest DJ's.

Palm Groves of Elche

Alicante is home to a fantastic variety of fun and interesting attractions to suit all tastes and age groups but for those that fancy a day out from the hustle and bustle of the city, a visit to the famous Palm Groves of Elche offers perfect peace and tranquillity