Keen travellers wishing to visit the vibrant city of Alicante who are on a ‘shoestring' budget will find there's always an option, and one of those options is the clever concept of Workaway. How often many of us dream of visiting far away exotic countries, but due to finances our dreams remain just that, a dream and we just put it out of our minds and get on with our day to day lives and dreary jobs. Well, by joining the Workaway online community our dreams can be realised as long as we're prepared to put in a little work during our travels.

The Concept Of Workaway

The concept of workaway could not be more simple and is basically offering board & lodgings in exchange for work, and vice versa. From its humble beginnings, Workaway has grown into a global community with millions of members in practically every city of every country in the world, making travelling to places many only ever dream about possible. The variety of hosts and placements is huge, so even if you are fresh out of school with no work experience or skills there will always be something to suit your likes and abilities.

Work placements can range from childminding for a wealthy family living on a country estate where you are given your own comfortable cottage, use of a vehicle and three delicious meals a day, to roughing it in a tropical jungle with just a makeshift structure of palm leaves as your accommodation and very basic food and water, often foraged for by yourself! The diversity of Workaway is the lure for many members who travel from placement to placement, sometimes over the period of a few years. Others may just have a few weeks holiday and wish to visit a particular town or city such as Alicante. Whatever your travel plans, there's surely something to suit your desires and abilities with over 3,000 Workaway hosts in Spain alone!

Registering With Workaway

Registering as a host is completely free and a simple process of adding details about yourself, where you are, what type of work you may have and for what duration, what specific skills are required if any, your preference of age and sex, whether you would prefer a single person or couple, hours and days of work, and what board & lodgings you are offering in return.

Registering as a jobseeker or Workawayer is pretty much along the same lines, although there is a very reasonable annual fee of 29€ for a single person and 38€ for a couple. To best maximise your chances of getting a placement, be sure when filling out your profile to add as much information as possible including photos and maybe even an introduction video.

Please note: The above annual fees may be subject to change. All travel expenses, visas etc are at the cost of the jobseeker, although in some instances hosts may be willing to help or at least pick you up from the local airport or an arranged meeting place. Bear in mind, on the odd occasion a work placement may not be what the jobseeker was expecting or a host is unhappy with the jobseeker or work they are doing, so always have some cash and a backup plan ready.