Alicante Buses

With Alicante predominantly being a working city first and tourist destination second, it boasts an excellent transport network that includes the Alicante buses. With its international airport, railway station, close proximity to several motorways and ferry links to north Africa, the city is easily reached by several modes of transport, and upon arrival in Alicante visitors can choose several other modes of transport to get around the city centre and surrounding areas. The handy tram system has been running since it was operated with horse drawn carriages and the bus service operates throughout the city, surrounding areas and much further afield.

Alicante Buses

There are several bus companies that service the Alicante metropolitan or commuter belt area, and although these buses run regularly throughout the day and evening and cover the vast majority of the city centre, residential areas and neighbouring towns, visitors who don't speak Spanish do tend to have a bit of a problem. The best way to approach the Alicante buses when visiting for a holiday is just to remember you're on holiday and even if you get the wrong bus or get off at the wrong stop, just re-orientate yourself and get another bus or have your chosen destination written down and show it to the driver. If you have an appointment or need to get somewhere in a hurry, forget the bus and take a taxi!

Alicante Bus Terminus

The main bus terminus is handily located in the marina area making it easily reachable on foot from the main hotel areas in the city centre and old town. The terminus services the city centre, surrounding residential area, numerous towns and cities further afield in Spain and a selection of International buses to other European countries. Alicante Bus Terminus is built over two levels and is wheelchair friendly throughout, with information services, ample ablutions, cafe bar, vending machines, bus bay displays and bus announcements in Spanish.

Turibus Alicante

One of the most informative and pleasurable ways to explore a new city is by sightseeing bus such as the excellent Turibús Alicante. Some visitors choose to hire a car, scooter or bicycle to get around Alicante during their stay