Postiguet Beach

Lying at the foot of Santa Bárbara Castle and backed by a lively promenade, Postiguet Beach boasts an ideal position close to Alicante city centre and the old town. The golden sand beach stretches for 900 metres with an average width of 50 metres that shelves gently into the sea, making it a good spot to visit for families with young children.

Postiguet Beach
Source: Flickr / Paco Cameo

Postiguet Beach

Postiguet Beach regularly receives the prestigious Blue Flag Award for its cleanliness and great facilities which include public and private parking, wheelchair access, clearly marked zones for swimming, lifeguards, foot showers, toilets, beach sports areas, exercise equipment, parasols, sun loungers and, during the summer months games and play areas for the young ones. The waters tend to be clean and clear but when the wind or rain picks up they can get murky and bring in some dirt and debris. Also, when the lifeguards are not on duty swimmers should take care and keep a keen eye out for jellyfish which tend to be more harmful to some than others.

Beach Attractions

Postiguet Beach has a couple of chirungitos (beach bars) serving drinks and snacks, and a further choice of cafes, bars and restaurants along the beach promenade. Visitors wanting to make a full day of their visit can also take a stroll through the charming old town for a sit down meal, or pop into one or two tapas bars for a drink and snack. Another great attraction to pair with a visit to the beach, is Santa Bárbara Castle which can be reached via a handy elevator located just across the road from the promenade. Alternately, the lower part of the castle can be reached by car, and those who are feeling fit can take a walk through Ereta Park where there are hiking trails leading all the way to the castle's tower.

Beaches of Cabo de las Huertas

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