Via Ferrata

The rugged coastline and mountainous interior of Alicante province offer the perfect terrain for holidaymakers who are keen on adventure sports, and during a visit active climbers and mountain hikers can enjoy a thrilling weekend of via ferrata in Alicante. Basically a combination of mountain hiking, rock scrambling and rock climbing with the aid of steel cables, rungs, ladders, bridges and zip lines, the idea for the sport came about during World War I when Austrian and Italian alpine troops constructed these various climbing aids to improve and make safe troop movements through various mountain trails.

Since the sport first took off its popularity has grown worldwide and routes can now be found in many holiday destinations with nearby mountains or coastal cliffs, including via ferrata in Alicante. The sport is an excellent stepping stone for those who are keen to pursue rock or free climbing as a hobby or for those who don't have the stamina or confidence to climb with just natural hand and footholds.

As with any climbing discipline, via ferrata should never be done alone due to a number of reasons. Even on the sunniest days, weather conditions in the mountains can change rapidly with winds whipping up, blinding fog descending or rain on higher ground causing flood water in the gullies and gorges. When climbing in the company of others you also have assistance should you miss a hand or foothold and end up dangling from your climbing harness, and worst case scenario, you will always have assistance should you sustain an injury.

Dream Peaks Via Ferrata Weekend

Based in Madrid, Dream Peaks are a leading outdoor tour company offering a variety of thrilling adventures throughout Spain including a two day weekend of via ferrata in Alicante. The routes they choose in Alicante province are of varying grades from novice to the most experienced rock climber, and the routes are located on some of Alicante's most impressive mountains, two of which are included during the weekend adventure.

Via Ferrata In Alicante Itinerary

  • Group Size – Minimum 1 person and maximum 6 persons.
  • Duration – Saturday and Sunday from approximately 09:00 – 16:00 each day.
  • Location – Alicante, Costa Blanca.
  • Price (3 to 6 persons) – 99€ per person.
  • Price (2 persons) – 149€ per person.
  • Price (1 person) – 295€.

What's Included – Experienced guide, introductory course on safety and techniques, tour of 2 via ferrata routes, individual climbing equipment, group climbing equipment, insurance.

What's Not Included – Accommodation, food and transport. Dream Peaks can offer these services and facilities on request.

Physical Requirements – To participate in the weekend via ferrata individuals should be of a decent fitness level and have some experience in via ferrata or other or climbing disciplines. Individuals must also make sure to bring appropriate clothing and footwear.