Car Hire

The majority of holidaymakers and business travellers looking for car hire in Alicante choose a reputable international company and arrange beforehand to collect their vehicle from Alicante Airport. This is by far the most convenient option as, upon arrival it's just a matter of filling out the required paperwork, signing your rental agreement and you're on your way. However, some travellers either have friends or family to pick them up and drive them around during their stay, and others are happy to use the local taxis or bus service but may decide that they want to explore further afield and will hire a vehicle in the city.

Alicante Airport Car Hire

As is the case with any popular holiday destination, especially during peak season, it is always best to arrange your car hire well in advance of your arrival date. By doing this you have a much better chance of securing the vehicle that best suits your travel needs as well as any specific requirements such as a petrol or diesel engine, manual or automatic transmission, left or right hand drive steering, people carriers, four wheel drive vehicles or vehicles with a tow hitch or roof carrier. Leaving the arrangements of your car hire in Alicante until you actually arrive at the airport is possible, although your vehicle choice may be rather limited. Alicante Airport offers a good choice of international car hire companies, located within the terminal.

City & Hotel Car Hire

Holidaymakers who decide to arrange car hire in Alicante City during their stay will find a number of international and independent companies, the majority located in and around the train station and a further few in the harbour and marina area. Alternately, visitors staying in a hotel will find almost all hotel reception staff will offer to arrange car hire for their guests. With almost all the reputable international car hire companies based at the airport, the choice of car hire in Alicante City is predominantly independent companies, although if you are arranging your vehicle from your hotel reception, they can easily arrange for one of the international hire companies at the airport to deliver your vehicle to the hotel.

Independent Car Hire Companies

You may wonder why I elaborate on international and independent so much; well, car hire is big business, especially in popular holiday resorts, towns and cities which inevitably leads to a good number of independent or ‘one man band' type companies offering car hire. The main reason visitors choose to use such companies is down to cost, as most of them will offer cheaper car hire than the internationally recognised ones. This is to be expected and a good amount of money can be saved, but there are factors to consider.

It pays to do your homework if you are thinking of using an independent company for your car hire in Alicante; ask for recommendations through friends who may be living in the city or in the local Facebook forums and buy & sell groups, check all paperwork, insurances and extras that may or may not come with the vehicle such as mileage limitations, does the vehicle have to be returned with a full tank of fuel and is there 24 hour roadside assistance.

All of these things and more are taken for granted when using an international company, and by far the most important thing to do before signing any rental agreement is to do a thorough vehicle check in the presence of a company representative to make sure you are not charged for any previous damage that may have occurred and is subsequently blamed on you.

Bicyle Hire

With its fantastic Mediterranean climate, one of the best transport options for visitors to the city is bicycle hire in Alicante.