Scuba Diving For Kids

Alicante is a popular holiday destination for families, and during your visit you can treat the young ones to the unique and thrilling activity of scuba diving for kids. Scuba diving is an extremely popular hobby and holiday activity that, for those keen enough, can even lead to an exciting and sometimes lucrative career allowing you to travel the world and get paid to do something you are passionate about. Well, with today's advanced technology you can introduce your children to the delights of scuba diving from as young as 8 years of age.

Scuba Diving For Kids

Just 20 minutes drive from Alicante is the coastal town of Santa Pola which, besides having the largest fishing boat fleet of and port on the Mediterranean sea, is also a paradise for water and wind sports. Based in the marina is Dive Academy Santa Pola, a team of highly qualified divers and instructors with an excellent reputation for getting their students through even the most difficult PADI scuba diving course. Their unique Bubblemaker Fun Day and Seal Team Courses are aimed at children aged 8 and 9 and will either give them fond memories and something to tell their friends back home, or an in-depth introduction to scuba diving.

Bubble Maker – This is purely a fun day and perfect if you are visiting with friends and family who wish to celebrate a young ones birthday, as Dive Academy can also arrange a pool party and BBQ . During their scuba diving for kids day the young ones instructor will teach them about the equipment and make sure they are relaxed and confident before going underwater in the specially adapted scuba gear where they will get to play a number of underwater games.

Seal Team – This 1 day course covers a variety of ‘Aqua Missions' that will teach kids the basics of scuba diving, confidence building, respect for the underwater flora & fauna and various scuba diving communicating and safety skills. If your young ones enjoyed this and you have the time during your holiday, there is also the more advanced 3 day Master Seal Course.

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