Costa Blanca's Caves

A perfect time to visit Costa Blanca's caves is during the peak summer months when Alicante lies baking in the sun and the heat saps the strength out of us. The caves remain cool all year round and are therefore a pleasure to visit even on the hottest days of the year. This is one of the reasons there are quite a few towns and villages in Spain that still feature cave houses where air conditioning is not needed in the summer and a few logs on the fire in winter are enough to keep the chill at bay.

Costa Blanca's Caves

Aside from the two main cave systems of Calavares and Canelobre, a number of Costa Blanca's caves are found along the coastline where many thousands of years of erosion from the pounding waves have created both surface and underwater cave systems. Some of these can prove difficult to reach from land as they're at the bottom of cliffs or rocky coves where the trails in and out can require some rock climbing skills. The most popular way to reach these caves is on a snorkelling safari, kayak trip or jet ski adventure, and some of the underwater caves can be explored as part of a scuba diving trip.

Calvares Caves

Located near the village of Benidoleig and about an hour's drive from Alicante, the Calvares Caves (Caves of Skulls) were discovered in 1768 and were given their gory name after many human skulls were found in parts of the interior. Nowadays they serve a lot more of a cheery purpose as a tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy the delightful cool temperatures while marvelling at the many different shapes and images created by the different rock formations. The caves boast a children's play area and restaurant, and entry costs 3.90€ for adults and 2.00€ for children. During the summer months the caves are open daily from 09:00 – 20:00 and 09:00 – 18:00 in the winter months.

Canelobre Caves

Canelobre is the largest and most popular of the Costa Blanca's caves and also the closest to Alicante, located about 30 minutes drive away near the village of Buscot. Well laid out with steps and walkways, the various grotto's are lit with colourful lights which reflect off the numerous huge stalactites and stalagmites creating all sorts of shapes and reflections that, when looked at from a certain angle, seem to come to life and form various wonderful images. A highlight of Canelobre Caves is the main Cathedral Cavern that is used for a variety of live music performances due to the near perfect acoustics in produces. Entry price per adult costs 7€ and children 5 – 14 years 3.50€. Children under 5 can enter for free. Canelobre is open during the peak summer months from 10:30 – 19:30, and 10:30 – 16:50 the rest of the year.

Carmen Del Campillo Tea House

Such is the enchanting beauty of Carmen Del Campillo Tea House, whilst walking through its secret gardens you could almost imagine visitors arriving on a magic carpet 🙂 Situated just 30 minutes drive south from Alicante near the town of Crevillente...