Santa Bárbara Castle

Sitting high above Alicante on the peak of Benacantil Mountain, the impressive Santa Bárbara Castle is one of the city's most famous tourist attractions and offers an insight into the rich history of the area. Although Roman artefacts have been discovered on the mountain slopes, the castle's origins date back to the 9th century during Moorish rule of the Iberian Peninsula. Since then it has seen various rulers and was strafed by bombs from a French squadron during the War of the Spanish Succession in the late 1600's.

Santa Barbara Castle
Source: Flickr / Jesús GR

Santa Bárbara Castle

Nowadays the castle serves a much more peaceful role as a tourist attraction that is visited by thousands each year, some making the walk up from the old town, through Ereta Park and along the ancient walls, while others choose to drive or take the handy elevator accessed from Paseito Ramiro opposite Postiguet Beach (elevator charge: 2.70€)

On arrival at Santa Bárbara Castle there is much to explore, either at your leisure or as part of a choice of informative tours. The views over the city and harbour are splendid, especially from the highest point of La Torreta which is home to the castle's oldest remains, mostly from the 14th century. Other interesting areas of the castle include the Patio de Armas Parade Ground, Salon Felipe II Hall, the Cuerpo de Guardia and the lower level that can be reached by vehicle.

Museum & Tours

For further historical information about the castle and Alicante in general, the MUSA (Alicante Museum) is housed within Santa Bárbara Castle and offers an in-depth look into the city and its past inhabitants. The castle's cafeteria makes the most of the stunning views with a large outdoor terrace to relax with a drink, snack or full meal. The cafeteria also offers facilities for birthday parties which include a craft workshop and exciting ‘dramatised' tour of the castle. A choice of castle and surrounding tours are offered that include the services of a guide, tour and a variety of meal options depending on which tour you choose and at what time of day.

Natural Parks of Alicante

The vast natural parks of Alicante with their pine clad valleys and cool mountain streams are not only a refuge for the wonderful variety of wildlife found in the region, but also for many visitors who escape the heat