Paintball in Alicante offers endless fun and quite a bit of a workout trying to avoid getting shot and is a great way to spend a few hours while on holiday in this vibrant city. Since the game was first developed in the early 1980's its popularity has been quite extraordinary and is now regularly played not just as a fun game but also as a competitive sport with professional teams worldwide playing major tournaments and competitions. Similar technology is also used by various police and military forces as part of their weapons training or riot control.

Initially played as an outdoor game in specially adapted fields or woodland, as the popularity of paintball grew venues started opening in farm barns and disused warehouses to create urban warfare scenarios, making it possible to manoeuvre barriers and obstacles within the arena to create different settings and therefore increase the amount of paintball games that can be played within one building or warehouse. Nowadays it is one of the most popular weekend or holiday activities worldwide and there are several venues to enjoy paintball in Alicante.

Paintball Titanes

Located slightly inland from the city centre at kilometre 4 on the CV-821, Paintball Titanes can be reached by local bus lines 26 and 38 and for those with their own transport the venue offers private on-site parking. The venue also has a leisure area with seating and tables to enjoy a picnic after working up an appetite, and an outdoor shower to freshen up. All paintball wars at Titanes are outdoor and there are 3 scenarios to choose from; Titans Battlefield Flag, Traffic Battlefield and The Fort Battlefield. Titanes also offer specially adapted paintball wars for the younger players from 8 to 10 years that incorporate softer, less powerful Splatmaster guns and balls, and all protective gear and equipment are supplied in the cost.

Equipment & Prices

15€ – Monday to Friday, minimum 10 persons, includes protective equipment, assault rifle and 150 balls. Extra balls cost 5€ per 100.

15€ – Monday to Thursday, minimum 14 persons, includes protective equipment, assault rifle and 200 balls. Extra balls cost 5€ per 100.

20€ – Saturday and Sunday, minimum 8 persons, includes protective equipment, assault rifle and 200 balls. Extra balls cost 5€ per 100.

32€ – Special Offer, minimum 10 persons, includes protective equipment, assault rifle and 500 balls. Extra balls cost 5€ per 100.

Please Note: Prices may be subject to change.

Laser Combat

For those that don't fancy walking around the beach sporting huge bruises during their holiday, Laser Combat in Alicante provides all the fun and excitement of paintball without the pain! First used for combat training by the U.S Army in the early 1980's