Alicante City Parks

Visitors to Alicante during the peak summer months often seek refuge from the midday heat or hustle and bustle of the crowds, and the picturesque Alicante City parks provide a perfect setting for a pleasant stroll or just to relax in the shade of the trees. The city is blessed with an abundance of green areas, not just offering peace and tranquillity, but also fun stuff for the young ones such as playgrounds, sports fields, mini golf and skateboard facilities. Some of the Alicante City Parks are also home to interesting buildings, monuments and sculptures, as well as cafes or restaurants to enjoy refreshments or a snack while watching the world go by.

Alicante City Parks
Source: Flickr / Enrique Domingo

Alicante City Parks

Canalejas Park – This is Alicante's most central and oldest park, having been created in 1886 it offers delightful shade throughout, and with its age has an enormous ficus tree with the larger boughs having to be supported by steel beams. Wandering around the park visitors will find ample shady seating areas, monuments, fountains and a children's playground.

Ereta Park – Located on the outskirts of Alicante's old town, this is the city's largest and most well known park due to its upper reaches stretching to the famous Sánta Barbara Castle. The best way to appreciate the size and beauty of Ereta Park is to either start at the top after a visit to the castle and make your way down along the ancient castle walls, or for the fitter visitor, start in the old town and make your way through the park and up to the castle where, you will be pleased to know there is a lovely cafeteria to enjoy a well earned ice cold drink.

Lo Morant Park – A nice feature of Lo Morant Park is its large open air auditorium where visitors during the summer months can enjoy impromptu live music performances, a great way to spend a balmy summer's evening. Wide wheelchair friendly paths make their way among the trees, water features and sculptured flower beds and there are shady seating areas.

El Palmeral Park – Aside from its wonderful sea of palm groves, similar to a smaller version of the famous Elche palm groves, this is the city's most natural park and very picturesque. Being on the outskirts of the city, it is a place where you can truly find peace and quiet and it tempts visitors to lay down a blanket next to a lake or waterfall and enjoy a doze and relaxing picnic.

Alicante City Museums

Exploring the wonderful Alicante City museums gives visitors an insight into the history and rich cultural heritage of the city, its past famous residents, archaeology, military history and its important connection with the sea.