Tabarca Island Snorkel Safari

For visitors to warm climes such as Alicante, snorkelling has to be one of the most popular holiday activities suitable for all ages, and a fun day out can be had on a Tabarca Island Snorkel Safari. Unlike some holiday activities that cost a lot of money or require extensive practice, snorkelling can be enjoyed by anyone who can swim and a basic mask and snorkel for kids can be bought for as little as 5€. More advanced equipment for both kids and adults ranges in price from 15€ to a couple of hundred for the more serious sport of free diving and spearfishing, but on a Tabarca Island Snorkel Safari all you need is your bathing costume.

Tabarca Island Snorkel Safari

Due to its shipping lanes, water sports in Alicante City are quite limited but the neighbouring town of Santa Pola is only around 20 minutes drive and is a mecca for all sorts of wind and water sports. Santa Pola's huge marina and port hold the largest fishing boat fleet of any port on the Mediterranean sea and it is a hive of activity with a number of water sports centres and scuba diving operators such as the well established and extremely popular Dive Academy Santa Pola. The team at the academy offer every conceivable PADI scuba diving course available as well as their fun Tabarca Island Snorkel Safari.

Safari Itinerary

Dive Academy is located right in Santa Pola's sports marina and the town is the closest point on mainland Spain to Tabarca Island so the boat journey doesn't take long at all. Once you arrive at the island your guide will supply all the necessary equipment, including wet suits which give buoyancy and reduce the need to constantly be swimming or treading water.

Once everyone is kitted up your guide will take you on one of two snorkelling sessions around the pristine waters of the island's Marine Nature Reserve including beautiful spots such as the La Galera mini island and Tabarca Caves where the waters are clear and the flora & fauna spectacular. After a break for lunch which can be taken in one of Tabarca's famous seafood restaurants, or you can bring your own picnic to enjoy on the beach, you will head out for the second snorkelling session of the day before returning back to Santa Pola. Those who fancy going along for the boat ride but don't want to snorkel are welcome at a reduced fee.

Scuba Diving For Kids

Alicante is a popular holiday destination for families, and during your visit you can treat the young ones to the unique and thrilling activity of scuba diving for kids.