Laser Combat

For those that don't fancy walking around the beach sporting huge bruises during their holiday, Laser Combat in Alicante provides all the fun and excitement of paintball without the pain! First used for combat training by the U.S Army in the early 1980's, laser is a safe and more economical way for armed forces to practice weapons training and was first developed as a toy in the 1979 Star Trek Phaser Gun sets. Since these early days of laser combat, it has become hugely popular as a fun activity with specially constructed war zone scenarios.

Laser Combat

Laser combat can be played both indoors and outdoors and, similar to paintball, in many venues the different obstacles for players to hide behind or use to set up an ambush can be moved around to create different battle scenes. It is played in groups or ‘armies' and each player wears a laser tag vest with built in sensors to detect when an opposing player has scored a hit or shot. The pistols or assault rifles use an infrared beam which sets off the vest sensor when an accurate shot has hit its target, causing a vibration and or flashing lights in the vest.

Club Armagedon Alicante

Visitors who fancy a game of laser combat in Alicante will find Club Armagedon Alicante located on Calle Cantueso slightly inland from the city centre in the Orgegia residential area. The outdoor battle area at Club Armagedon is fantastic and uses real army vehicles, boats, aeroplane crash sites, armoured cash in transit vehicles, motorcycles, bunkers, foxholes, observation posts and a variety of other obstacles to create a truly lifelike battle scenario.

On-site facilities include changing rooms, toilets, recreation area with tables and chairs, bar and BBQ zone where players can either bring along a picnic or meats to cook up a feast. They also offer facilities for events and special occasions and are popular with stag & hen parties.

Prices & Regulations

  • Players must be 8 years and over
  • Players under 18 years who are unsupervised need written permission from a parent
  • Minimum groups of 10 players
  • All equipment is included in the price
  • Initial briefing of the rules does not count as playing time
  • Players must arrive 30 minutes before their allocated playing time
  • Price per player for a 1 hour game is 20€
  • Price per player for a 2 hour game is 25€
  • A discount rate of 18€ for a 1 hour game for players under 14 years celebrating a birthday

Please Note: Prices for laser combat in Alicante may be subject to change.

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