Of the many holiday activities to enjoy, Go-Karting in Alicante is super fun and the addictive smell of petrol and 2-stroke oil is a great way to clear the head after a night on the town! First using chainsaw and lawnmower engines, the sport of kart racing first took off in California during the mid 1950's and has since grown into one of the most popular adrenaline activities worldwide.

Nowadays go-karts come in all shapes and sizes for both tarmac race tracks and off road dirt tracks, with the majority of off road karts, often called buggies, making use of a protective roll-cage for safer racing on rough terrain. Karting is now a major motor sport and many world champion Formula I drivers started their careers racing karts which can reach crazy speeds of up to 260 kilometres per hour!

Visitors who fancy themselves as the next Lewis Hamilton can enjoy a great day of go-karting in Alicante during their stay. Located on Carrer Sant Vicent del Raspeig 32, on the outskirts of the city, Karting Alacant offer a superb venue and choice of 4 kart types with different engine capacities to suit most age groups. Karting Alacant is a favourite venue for events and birthday parties, and their on-site facilities include a children's playground, bouncy castle and catering facilities to make any celebration a day to remember. Their facilities are also available for those who wish to hire the track for their own go-karting in Alicante, mini-motos or pit bikes.

Kart Types & Prices

Kids Karts – They have 8 Honda kids karts with an engine capacity of 140cc suitable for children 6 years and over. Price per 8 minutes is 12€.

Twin Seat Karts – There are 2 Honda twin seat karts with an engine capacity of 160cc suitable for children 8 years and over. Price per 8 minutes is 15€.

Cadet Karts – There are 11 of these nippy Honda cadet karts with an engine capacity of 200cc suitable for children 12 years and over. Price per 8 minutes is 14€.

Senior Karts – Enter the big league with 13 of these super fast Honda senior karts with an engine capacity of 270cc suitable for adults. Price per 8 minutes is 19€.

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