Explanada de España

Alicante is home to one of the most beautiful promenades in Spain, the splendid Explanada de España which is the largest and most intricately designed of several paseo's (walks) in the city that are an integral part of Spanish life. Indeed, you will rarely find a Spanish coastal town or city that doesn't boast a seaside promenade where the tradition of an evening stroll is enjoyed by most locals, often with one or two stops along the way for a drink and tapas.

Explanada de Espana
Source: Flickr / Werner Wilmes

Explanada de España

Testament to this age old tradition, the Explanada de España was constructed way back in 1867 by Spanish architect José Guardiola Picó using a staggering 6.6 million tricolour marble tiles with which he created a delightful flowing pattern depicting the waves of the sea. Along the length of the promenade which runs from Postiguet Beach along the marina area are four rows of palm trees offering shade throughout the day and lovely areas to enjoy a picnic or just watch the crowds go by. However, the best time to take a stroll is in the cooler evenings when the sun is setting over the Mediterranean, as the majority of local residents do.

Lively both day and night, walking along the Explanada de España visitors can browse a number of craft and bric-a-brac stalls selling all sorts of handmade items, clothing, leather goods, accessories and beach toys. Tapas bars and pavement cafes tempt passersby, and street artists and buskers add to the wonderful social atmosphere where local friends and families meet up for a drink and chat. The open-air pavilion offers another great social scene where, during the summertime impromptu live music performances entertain the crowds. For another pleasant walk, Paseo de Gomiz which backs Postiguet Beach really comes alive during the Fiesta de San Juan when street parties and firework displays add a riot of noise and colour.

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